Call Transcripts and Summaries

Streamline Call Reviews and Improve Lead Understanding with StayInContact's Advanced AI Features

Enhance Call Management with AI-Powered Transcripts and Summaries

StayInContact introduces an innovative feature that utilizes advanced AI technologies to enhance call management for real estate professionals. This feature provides clients with detailed transcripts of recorded calls, making it easier to review past conversations and stay informed. Additionally, AI-generated summaries offer quick overviews of each conversation, saving time and ensuring no critical details are missed. These summaries are particularly valuable for Outside Sales Agents (OSAs), enabling them to better understand the lead's situation before meetings.

Detailed Call Transcripts

Automatically generates accurate transcripts of all recorded calls for easy review and reference.

AI-Generated Summaries

Creates concise summaries of each call to provide quick overviews that highlight key points.

Improved Lead Understanding

Provides OSAs with detailed summaries to better understand each lead before meetings.

Enhanced Call Management

Maintains an organized archive of all call transcripts and summaries.

Increased Productivity

Automates transcription and summarization to save time and focus on client engagement.

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